Why Choose MoneyManager+?


·         A dedicated, specialist contractor accountant Your own point of contact you can call, email or meet as often as you want.

·         Face to face meetings - Where ever you are in the UK, your contractor accountant will come and meet you.

·         Personalised service - we will always give well thought-out advice based on your individual situation.

·         A free seamless set up.

·         Payslips e-mailed as soon as they are processed.

·         Regular contact and advice - we will pro-actively communicate with you, through various mediums, to ensure you are kept informed of anything that may affect you or your business.

·         Tax planning and business advice - that allows you to achieve your goals in a compliant manner.

·         Compliant service - you can be sure that we will complete all statutory work on behalf of you and your company ahead of statutory deadlines.

·         Much more... access to wealth management advice, IR35 reviews, pensions planning advice for contractors and advice on setting up a limited company.


To find out more about how MoneyManager+  could help you and your business please call us on 01226 391539 or email info@moneymanagerplus.co.uk